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Just About Web Based Training

Investment: R3 500 (VAT incl.)

Course Outline

This programme is for Key Account, Sales, Marketing and Development personnel who want to improve their company’s competitiveness by knowing how to make customer centricity work.

Customer focus brings enduring high performance and accelerated growth for an organisation. This programme is for Key Account, Sales and Marketing team members who need to build a customer focused enterprise.

Course Content

Module 1: Introducing the Key Accounts.

Develop key account management skills and competencies to deliver.

Module 2: The key Account as a Business Partner.

Successfully maintaining and growing your existing key accounts by understanding and nurturing your customers’ business needs.

Understand the right key accounts to manage, involving them in the process and including key prospects in this approach

Module 3: Building on CRM.

Building a good relationship with all the decision makers and influential parties in your key accounts

Module 4: Customer Service..

Improving profitability through improved customer relations..

Module 5: Opportunities Within Your Key Accounts.

Developing a KCRM and KAM strategy that is best suited to your customers’ needs.

Module 6: The Key Account Development Plan.

Gathering the right type of information about your customers’ business, products and market and correctly using this information in your key account strategy.

Continually measure and monitor the results of your key account management activity and address where appropriate

Module 7: Marketing Communication Programmes.

Ensure you are building the right knowledge database on your key accounts, which are often different to other accounts.

Module 8: The Art of Communication.

Identifying the communication skills required. Here we use some of the skills learned in the Just About Communication - Active Listening Course. [JAG Course 14]

Module 9: Account Plans & Negotiation Skills.

Developing the negotiation skills required.

Module 10: Key Account Handling.

Ensure your key account management proposition is different to your standard proposition.

Set out suitable two-way plans and structuring the right team approach which is likely to be different for each of your key accounts

Module 11: Quiz Key Account Management.

Test your understanding of the subject matter.