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Just About Web Based Training

Investment: R3 500 (VAT incl.)

Course Outline

How to resolve conflict, make better deals and satisfy customers.

Becoming a master of negotiation is crucial for busy executives who need to control complex situations every day whether it’s getting the salary you want or a deal you need.

Negotiations are seen as a contest of wills in which power determines the outcome, each party fights it out until there’s a winner and a loser, but this approach produces short-term results and leaves both sides exhausted, resentful and dissatisfied.

Win – Win is an attitude not an out come.

This highly intensive training course will provide you with an effective, efficient and principled negotiation style that will produce agreements to meet the needs of both parties and ensure we all win.

Now that you understand the Negotiation skills you’ll be able to conduct your interactions with others much faster / better / cheaper / more effectively – which equates to a much healthier self esteem enabling you to get the respect / promotion / deals that you are capable of.

Module 1 - Attitudes and Skills.

Personal inventory of attitudes, skills and abilities in effective negotiation. How to enhance skills. Cultural aspects.

Module 2 - Characteristics, Persuasion and Negotiation.

Recognising the relationship between the two processes. Determining the negotiating approach and type. The nature of negotiation compared with persuasion - the need to change techniques.

Module 3: The Nature of Power.

The dynamics of power at individual and organisational levels. Identifying decision processes and influencing factors. Creating capacity to represent your interests..

Module 4: Planning to Negotiate.

The key stages of thorough preparation; establishing objectives, determining strategy; determining variables, the roles of the negotiating participants. Using planning tools, key tasks, simulation and practice.

Module 5: Questions and questioning techniques.

Planning question pathways for control; recognising the purpose of questions and different types of questions. Matching pacing, leading and active listening skills.

Module 6: Bargaining Styles and Strategies.

The strategy and tactics for effective collaborative, competitive bargaining. Dealing with difficult negotiators.

Module 7: Putting Together and Putting Across.

Effective negotiation communication through planning and understanding the other party's personality, styles and decision making approach.

Being able to Actively Listen, use SMART techniques, and be able to constantly strive to achieve the Win-Win outcome makes for a more fulfilling and enjoyable life both in your personal and professional lives.

Module 8: Quiz Communication.

Test your understanding of the subject matter.