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Investment: R3 500 (VAT incl.)

Course Outline

Visual merchandising is the activity and profession of developing floor plans, fixtures and displays in order to maximise sales, of both goods or services. The purpose of such visual merchandising is to attract, engage and encourage the shopper so that they will purchase the displayed items. We do, after all is said and done, Shop with our Eyes which is the reason Visual Merchandizing can either make or break a business.

Module 1 - What is Visual Merchandising.

The purpose of visual merchandising is to:

* Make it easier for the customer to locate the desired department and category.

* Make it easier for the customer to find the products that they need.

* Make it easier for the shopper to get other products that either match or blend in with their theme.

* Make it easier for the shopper to find specially promoted, displayed or strategic goods.

It encompasses store design, planning, store and department identification, traffic flow, store layout, space-sales analysis, fixturing, window display, interior display, and display research.

Module 2: Storefront First Impressions.

The store should represent an adventure where your attention is held from the time you enter till the time you leave. This is not always possible or practical due to the types of products being sold.

Module 3: Macro Store Layout.

Macro store layout actually begins with the retail environment itself. The retail store sales potential is estimated by pedestrian traffic counts in front of the proposed location, the malls trade area, and the quality of the anchor tenants.

Module 4: Visual Shelf and Display Merchandising.

There are several approaches to retail store organization and merchandise display. The first and most common is to display similar merchandise all in the same area, which would then be classed as a Category.

Module 5: Micro Merchandising.

Businesses in 2020 will be facing new opportunities and challenges as many markets reach saturation, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution [4IR] takes effect.

Module 6: Micro Marketing.

Micro - Marketing is also referred to as “Target Marketing” and can change the entire way that your company looks at their method of most effectively getting their message to their target consumer.

Module 7: Quiz Visual Merchandising.

Test your understanding of the subject matter.